About Melissa – Photographer in MN

Hi!  My name is Melissa Schreiner.  I have been a wife since 1999 and a mom of 3 beautiful children.  I have been a photographer since 2001, when I decided that is what I wanted to go to school for.  At the time, I thought I needed a post secondary education, so I jumped right in to my local technical college.  I worked in Corporate America at the time, so for 2 years I went to school at night.  Then in the summer of 2003, God called.

Yes, he really did.  I went to the Professional Photographers of America National Conference that summer, and He lit such a fire under me that this is what I am meant to do.  Make photographic art out of people, places and things.  I obviously questioned Him.  I mean, we not in an appropriate position for me to quit my job and go to school full time.  I gave God test after test about why I shouldn’t quit my job and go to school to finish in 1 year, and He opened every single door.  I kid you not.  And since then, when my situation has seemed less than likely that I could make this work, He stokes that fire a little bit.

But He also had plans to grow my family. My eldest on the right is almost 9, the girl on the left is almost 7, and the youngest in the middle just turned 5 and started kindergarten! And then the newest addition to our family, a 20 month old Vizsla/Lab that keeps us on our toes.


So, after years of questioning, having babies, a civilian deployment to Iraq (husband, not me), searching for a new home, finding that new home – I am ready to be who I was called to be.

A portrait photographer. An artist. But not a starving one.

I am currently working on renovating my home studio from the family room it once was.  I am also working towards becoming a Certified Professional Photographer through the PPA.  And this year I plan to start entering print competitions and do some educational tidbits to work towards earning my Craftsman Degree from PPA.  Then onto my Masters!

I’m thinking my next job will be a midwife.

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